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Sunday, April 3, 2011

OmniGraffle and Latex

Today I discovered something really really nice and useful.
Being a mix between an artist and a scientist, I use daily both OmniGraffle and Latex.

You can create latex images directly from OmniGraffle using the Latex services provided by



Marc said...

You saved my life
I totally overlooked the "services" feature in os x.
I used to just write up stuff using LaTeXiT, and copy it over. Quite tedious.

But now I can just type my LaTeX directly into my diagrams, highlight it, use
Services->LaTeXit->"Typeset LaTeX Text"
I now have a reason to live.

Michiel said...

Hi, this looks incredebly useful but I cannot seem to find this anywhere on the web. This link is the closest I can find but it is broken.
Any help?

martinfaust said...

Michael, you will have to install mactex!

For me this feature leads to problems when reloading the file, e.g everything looks fine ... until you save, close and reopen the graffle file. An alternative is to typeset your stuff and copy-paste the vector image with the select tool from So far that works better for me.

Darya Filippova said...

Excellent tip!

Unknown said...

@martinfaust were you able to fix the save-close-open problems when using Latexit services within omnigraffle?