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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Synergy-Plus configuration

I often use my laptop together with a main desktop.
To save time i share the keyboard and the mouse utilizing a small utility called Synergy
that was introduced to me by my colleague Miki Tebeka

Assuming two computers: one MacOS - macbook pro and one PC Windows 7 and
I want to use the mouse and keyboard of the Windows machine:

The configuration on windows to be a server is quite tricky:
Options t; Add the network name of both the computer:
and then add
 0-100 % of left of FMILO-DESKTOP to 0-100% of FMILO-MACOS
 0-100 % of right of FMILO-MACOS to 0-100% of FMILO-DESKTOP

Here 0 - 100 % means how much of the side as a line should be sensitive to the mouse crossing.

To debug the session is quite useful to look at the log console while in Test Mode: Just right click (on Windows) in the dock icon and set show log Messages.

Hope this is helpful to someone else.

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